Sungrow FPV Showcases its Latest Floating PV System Solution at RE+ 2023
Sungrow Floating PV, a global leader in floating PV plants, has announced its participation in RE+, North America's largest energy event, taking place from September 12 to 14, 2023, in Las Vegas at The Venetian Convention & Expo Center.
In this exhibition, the floating PV system scheme suitable for the North American market is displayed by Sungrow Floating PV. The system scheme mainly has three advantages: flexibility and compatibility, robustness and reliability, and convenient installation. Flexibility and Compatibility: The system adopts the series design of floating body products, which can be compatible with the mainstream components in the North American market, and the snow load of the system is adjustable, ranging from 0.32 to 1.65kN/m2, which can be widely applied to the North American region. Robustness and Reliability: While the system arrangement ensures high installed capacity and high power generation, the operation and maintenance walkway adopts an ergonomic design, which ensures high stability and operation and maintenance safety and operability. Convenient installation: It further simplifies system materials and standardizes components, and increases installation efficiency by 15% and facilitates maintenance. Wang Lei, deputy general manager of Sungrow Floating PV, said in an interview with PV Tech: "Under the demand of North America's energy transition and the trend of carbon neutrality, Sungrow Floating PV is committed to driving North America towards a green future with cutting-edge technology and reliable products. From the product design of the floating PV system to after-sales support, Sungrow Floating PV has always adhered to the core concept of customer value as the center, and implemented high standards in every link of product design and production, to ensure the full life cycle performance of floating PV system, ensure the reliable landing of terminal value, and provide all-round protection for customer value." The North American floating PV market has continued to grow in recent years, and WoodMac predicts that floating PV installations in the United States are expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 13% over the next decade, driven by regions with high solar demand but expensive land costs such as California, Florida and New Jersey. In the future, Sungrow Floating PV will rely on the core competitiveness of technological innovation, and continue to be guided by customer value, and use high-quality products and services to promote North America steadily toward a sustainable low-carbon society, bringing stable value beyond customers' expectations.


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