An Exciting Journey: Sungrow Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary



At a humble rented house in central China’s Anhui province, a young university professor Cao Renxian launched Sungrow on November 28, 1997. He had a pioneering spirit and had high hope to contribute to the society and the world by leveraging what he was researching -- renewable energy. After 25 years, Sungrow becomes the world’s leading inverter and energy storage system supplier.

This year, Sungrow is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its dedicated endeavor. In 1997, renewable energy was a niche energy source. Many people didn’t believe that it could replace fossil fuels. Today, renewable energy is becoming an affordable, reliable, and cost-competitive energy source and a contributor to global carbon neutrality.

Cao Renxian, Sungrow’s Chairman, delivered a speech at the Company’s 25th-anniversary ceremony on November 28, 2022. He traced the history of Sungrow from the period when it was a company with a sole business of PV inverters to an entity offering PV inverters, energy storage systems, wind energy converters, EV chargers, and PV hydrogen solutions. Cao said: “Sungrow has come a long way since our establishment 25 years ago, and that’s been a promising and exciting ride. We experienced the ups and downs of the industry but we continue committing to technical innovation.”

Sungrow’s technical innovations are the core of its long-term development. The Company possesses the industry's largest R&D team and established six R&D centers in the world. It maintains the No.1 position with the global market share in the PV inverter sector surpassing 30%. Recently, Sungrow ranked the world’s only 100% bankable inverter brand by BloombergNEF and became the world’s only inverter brand that maintains this No.1 ranking for four consecutive years.

Sungrow also released its Principle for future global management and development in the ceremony. “The Sungrow Principle is launched to receive increased advantages of varied parties to create unexpected value for our customers. It’s also there to inspire technical innovation in the future,” Cao added.

Sungrow is not only dedicated to establishing reliable and sustainable cooperation with its partners but also has tangible contributions to ESG with its expertise and tactics. As a member of RE100 and EP100, Sungrow reinforces its commitment to using 100% renewable energy across the entire value chain and improving energy productivity by 35% by 2028.

To illustrate further efforts, the Company launched its first Volunteer Week campaign during the ceremony. The initiation contains a wide variety of recent activities happening in three different countries and five cities.

In addition, Sungrow unveiled its 2023-2027 Technology Roadmap to guide future business growth in the next 5 years. The Company also signed three contracts of 7GW solar inverters and 200MW/400MWh ESS equipment with Trina Solar, East China Electric Power Design Institute and Shenzhen Skyworth Photovoltaic Technology Co.,ltd.

“Over the 25 years, we have been converting renewable energy to accessible, profitable, and sustainable electricity. We’re dedicated to our role as a bridge. We set it up, protect it, repair it and consolidate it, ensuring an unimpeded path towards a low-carbon world. We will always continue taking steps in order to fulfill our mission of ‘Clean power for all’ with continued innovations,” Cao concluded.

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