Sungrow FPV Showcases New Floating PV System Solution at Intersolar Europe 2023



Sungrow FPV, the global leading floating PV system solution supplier, unveiled its latest floating PV system solution during Intersolar Europe 2023 in Munich. The Company's exhibits displayed competitive technical innovations for long-term energy supply and aim to help customers achieve more intelligent and profitable energy management.

The floating system solution was powered by three key advantages. Headmost it is flexible in layout, allowing for a variable system layout that increases the installed capacity per unit area and improves utilization efficiency, resulting in greater electricity generation benefits. Followed by the system can be adjusted based on the application scenario at the project site, ensuring efficient and reliable operation. Additionally, the solution is easy to install and maintain, addressing users' pain points in installation and maintenance while ensuring the high-yield, safe, and long-lasting operation of the floating PV station.


“In the process of globalization, Sungrow FPV has understood the pain points of customers in different markets. For the European market, we will always adhere to the long-term principle, be customer-oriented, adopt measures to local conditions, and design scientifically to ensure customer value.”Wang Lei, Deputy General Manager of Sungrow FPV said at the booth (A4.250) of Sungrow FPV.


The European photovoltaic market is experiencing rapid growth. Prior to the release of the "REPowerEU Plan," the European Commission raised the renewable energy target for 2030 from 40% to 45%, which was previously set. According to authoritative predictions, the European market for floating PV is expected to demonstrate a diverse and scalable development trend over the next decade, and hold significant growth potential.


Sungrow FPV is dedicated to realizing its vision of "To be the global navigator of FPV" through ongoing research and development, innovative of floating PV system solutions. This commitment enables the widespread adoption of green electricity, benefiting the European carbon neutrality process.



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