Sungrow FPV attended Solarplaza Summit Floating PV Forum



On October 5th, Solarplaza Summit Floating PV Forum was held at Palazzo Brancaccio, Roma. Sungrow Floating PV was invited to attend with investors, EPC, leaders in the floating PV industry, and authoritative experts from all over the world, focusing on issues such as industry trends, market applications, and technological innovation in the floating PV industry, and sharing experiences and insights on energy transformation.

Meng Qiao, the overseas head of the system solution department, attended the forum and delivered a keynote speech entitled Anchoring & Cable Design Deep Dive. Aiming at solutions for different scenarios, Meng Qiao took anchoring technology as the focus and shared the anchoring system innovation case of Sungrow FPV in the project construction process. " Anchoring technology is the key factor for the stable and reliable operation of floating PV power stations" said Meng Qiao, Sungrow FPV has been studying the anchoring technology of floating PV in more application scenarios, constantly breaking through innovation, and continuously guaranteeing customer value with advanced product technology.

The white paper How To Maintain A Floating PV Plant For 25 + Years, jointly compiled by Sungrow FPV and Solarplaza, was also released recently. The white paper focuses on the floating PV industry, analyzes the market prospects, technological innovation, construction pain points, and difficulties of floating PV power stations, and expounds on the latest technologies and practices in the field of safety protection of floating PV power stations, providing technical guidance and standard examples for the construction of floating power stations.

The innovation of floating PV technology is the basis of the development of the industry. In the future, Sungrow FPV will continue to listen to users' needs, innovate and explore, provide green and clean energy for users in a wider area, and build a green earth!



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