Indonesia’s Largest Floating Solar Project with Sungrow FPV System Solution Comes Online



Sungrow FPV announced that the Company’s floating PV system solution has been operational stably at a 192WMp Cirata hydropower reservoir in West Java, Indonesia, which is the largest floating solar plant in Indonesia. The power plant, which occupies an area of 250 hectares, is expected to produce 300 GWh/year of clean electricity and will meet the needs of 50,000 Indonesian households.

It is the largest floating solar project in a hydropower reservoir with a water depth of 100 meters, water level fluctuation of 18 meters, and a 50-meter difference in water bottom elevation.


The intricate underwater terrain of the Cirata hydropower reservoir has introduced a set of challenges in the design and installation of the anchoring system. The system solution team from Sungrow Floating PV has developed high-load-bearing anchor blocks tailored to the specific geological conditions of the project site. These innovative anchor blocks enhance load-bearing capacity, effectively addressing challenges such as block slippage and significantly improving construction efficiency. Through precise and reliable computational simulations, each anchor block is meticulously validated, facilitating the overall anchoring system design for the entire project. This approach optimizes water surface utilization and maximizes installed capacity.


The significant water depth, large water level fluctuations, and considerable differences in elevation, can give rise to challenges such as stress concentration and substantial drift in floating solar plant. The system solution team effectively addressed this issue through a comprehensive approach involving systematic solution design, material selection, and system simulations. The project design underwent scrutiny by third-party audit organizations, including DNV, RINA, INNOSEA, and received validation from the Dam Safety Committee (DSC) of Indonesia.


The Cirata floating solar plant is a crucial part of this plan that will aid Indonesia in reducing carbon emissions by an estimated 214,000 tonnes annually. In the future, Sungrow Floating PV will continue to rely on its product strength, technological advantages, and high-quality services to support the development of the clean energy industry in countries and regions participating in the Belt and Road Initiative. 



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