How to maintain "superpower" performance for floating PV systems in a blizzard environment.



During harsh cold and snowy conditions, floating PV stations encounter significant challenges. Nevertheless, under these extreme circumstances, Sungrow floating PV systems demonstrate unwavering stability in diverse frigid regions, ensuring a reliable and continuous supply of clean electricity.

In addressing product structure considerations, our technical team follows the "Building Load Code" to scientifically design extreme snow load and strength parameters for floating PV systems. We comprehensively assess product and array buoyancy and fundamental performance variations within different temperature ranges (-40-80°C), aiming to control key performance changes within a 5% margin. Additionally, we simulate extreme snow load conditions using fixed loads and observe the long-term operational status of components, ensuring the reliability of floating PV systems.

Sungrow FPV provides scientifically flexible layout solutions tailored to the differential snow loads in project areas. This customization allows for flexible adjustment of buoyancy. By considering the actual working conditions of the project, array buoyancy is evenly distributed to enhance reliability and uniformity. The overall strength distribution of the design is differentiated to mitigate the risk of edge damage caused by the combination of wave forces, wind loads, and snow loads.

Sungrow FPV has experience in floating PV projects both domestically and internationally, including those in icy and snowy conditions, where the system has demonstrated outstanding performance even under extreme conditions, earning high praise from clients. Sungrow FPV consistently adheres to independent technological innovation, continuously building its core competitiveness. In the future, we will continue to uphold high standards throughout every step of system design, production, and application, safeguarding comprehensive value for clients.



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